Here comes the man behind this Global Sevilla League. His name is no other than Coach Molla.

What he had in mind was that he was trying to make this league not just like a regular league. Ligaliga as their digital partners, this time the league is interestingly supported by Video highlights including player highlights, players ‘statistics, game video, etc.

All of these are being done with one purpose in mind, so that the players can be more passionate with the game of basketball and inspire other kids to develop an interest with this sport.

In the last couple of years, we can see Coach Molla’s achievement in bringing his team to their best performance. Such like the first season, the team successfully landed on the 3rd position.

Not satisfied with that, this season he even push forward to successfully bring his team advancing to the Final but unfortunately it had to end as runner up position for both Boys and Girls Team. It’s still quite an achievement though.

Coach Molla is a type of all-around coach and a team player coach. He trusted every each of his players and it is obviously seen for the minute that his players get.

I think his motto is “Everybody gets to play!”

As the result, it actually works and it pays off even just as a runner up position for this season. But still, it is a progress and a process. He just has to make his team to keep pushing it forward and trusting the process.

Coach Molla is improving every player in his team each season. And team work is key. As once the greatest basketball  player said “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

And that man is Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest player who ever played the game.

I guess Coach Molla knows this and let see if he can bring his team to be a champion next season.
But as for now, Great job Coach!

And if you are curious to see the video highlights of Coach Molla, please check the video below