This time we selected 3 players from GSL 2019 whom we think possessed the one skill that other regular players don’t have. The word is “Focus”.

These 3 players have that and we will discuss on each of their playing style.

Hauzan #5

This kid from Yadika 5 is definitely in a star player category. His playing style is mostly cut and slash type. He is always in motion of aggressively attacking the rim by driving straight through few defenders. Being an ambidexterity, give him an advantage when driving to the rim.

By the way, Ambidexterity is the ability to use both the right and left hand equally well and Hauzan is one of them. He can do his left layup equally well with his right layup.

Hauzan also leads on his steal statistic (3.6 steals/game). By looking at his defense, no wonder Hauzan is one of the leading scorer on his team with an average of 21 pts/game. He steals and then he scores. This is amazing.

This player is fun to watch too, sometimes he would entertain us with his Euro step layup or even 3 points shooting.

However, in order to improve from star player to elite player, one must improve on his game. As for Hauzan, he needs to complete his attacking weapon by practicing more on medium or outside shooting.

Kenny #18

Kenny is a home team star player from Cyclones. Considered as one of their big man, Kenny has a solid fundamental skill. Nothing fancy, just efficient.

Kenny can score, definitely a great rebounder and a willing passer. He is definitely a team player with great focus.

Not being too fancy and sometimes we overlook on player with this kind of playing style. But for us, Kenny is still a star player in GSL 2019.

Keep rocking the fundamental, and don’t be shocked that someday his playing style will remind us to a great NBA player who is even a 5 time champ.

Guess who? Yes you guessed it right, the great Tim Duncan.

Jonathan Xaverius #10


A player with high basketball IQ is the reason why you are a star player in a team. Jonathan has it and he also a very smart player who can play inside and outside. Super-efficient type of player.

He knows when to shoot from 3 points line, medium, or fake and drive directly to the rim for another and 1.

Such a talented kid for his age. Jonathan not only has the skill but also the strength. Comparing to another player from other team, he is just too strong to handle, sometimes even look too easy for him to pass the defenders and scores.

If he wants to be an elite player, all he has to do is study when to score and when to pass. By then, he will be a complete all-around player.

So, those are the 3 great star players that we selected from GSL 2019.

Keep grinding and be the best player you can! See you all next time!