Where are all the real center?

Basketball nowadays is sort of losing the real Center players, the traditional low post players. Much of it is due to the style of playing where everyone wants to score, particularly from three point’s line. We still remember the old days in NBA where center is the most dominant position in a basketball team. Remember Kareem? Shaq? Yao Ming? Tim Duncan?

They are definitely big and strong, focus on paint/rebound and shot blocking, less dribbling/cross over, no outside shooting. Something that is actually rare to be found these days.

But, this year in GSL we could identify 3 players who have these traits and they are: Imanuel Jason (Tarsisius), Jonathan (Cyclones), and Ibra (Cyclones).

Imanuel Jason
Imanuel is definitely a true big man that most lethal in the paint. Great rebounder, especially on the offensive part, which is huge in helping the team to get a second chance score. He is versatile due to his height but needs more work on his upper body to compete with other bigger player.

Jonathan is a big kid (90kg) with an advantage of his height as well. Using his body strength, he will back down the opponent and therefore score from under ring most of the time. The Opponents will mostly foul him for his style of playing. One thing he needs to improve is on the percentage of free throw to seize the opportunity of scoring more.


Ibra is playing at Center position with not just speed but also strength. He is a type of a big man with strong determination in both defense and offense. He is very aggressive in his attacking style but also supported with high basketball IQ. He always seems to know where to have a good position to receive a pass from his teammates, in other words, he understands great no ball movement.

Center position is a very important piece of the game. In fact, it is the center piece of the game.

Today mostly being ignored because the Center usually scores less which makes it less fancy. But just scoring doesn’t get you titles, instead, you need a great center as part of a great time to win a title. Ask the Spurs and Lakers how they get their title (They had great Center).

So, for young players who play a real center position like Imanuel Jason, Jonathan, and Ibra, don’t give up and just need to focus and put a lot of work to be a specialist big man, and then winning games and championship is definitely a visible target.

Keep grinding young fellas!