Global Sevilla League (GSL) matchday 1 shown a great intensity in both 2 matches, however shows different outcome in field-goal effectiveness.

Alpus 3 (SMA Al-Azhar) manage to snatch a win over the host Cyclones (GSPI), after being trailed for most of the entire match. The host able to have a great start after converting every fastbreak point they had in the first quarter, while Alpus’s defense slowly regroup as well, resulting some interceptions and re-posession, and not trailing by bigger margin at the half. Entering the 3rd quarter the host are finding the bucket again, this time with a proper set play and perimeter shots. However Alpus responded well to this situation, slowly but sure their defense is getting better comparing to the first half, and also they are having advantage on the size of Dhafiano (#1) and Fadhil Atha Rizqullah (#41), both penetrates well to the rim, followed by well taken clutch shot by Ryan Ciaffone (#7), Bagus Prawiro (#21), and Reviadi Anwar (#12). On the last quarter Alpus having the lead for the first time after being trailed for the entire game, and gain a 7-point lead at the dying minutes. The host than responded through Rizki Guntoro (#26) who single-handed gain 7 points himself and ties the game at 34-34. The host likely to secure the win on this one, but then trailed again after back-to-back turnover and Alpus are taking the victory by 37-34.

On the 2nd match, Riverside (SMA 22) dominates the game over SMABA (SMA Baruna), after both teams struggled on the 1st quarter, Riverside finding their rhythm on the 2nd quarter and rallies the game as their shooter fired up 3-pointers through M Raihan Alwin (#22), (#26), and Taufiq Nabil Irfan (#21), and forcing the opponent’s turnover to gain 20+ margin. SMABA however refused to lose yet, and responding well through (#1) who lead his teammates both on defense and offense, but the margin is only reduced by 22 points, Riverside wins 37-15.