Today we will present you the 10 nominees play of the year from Host-Team Cyclones. Make sure you vote so we all know which play is the best.

Vote your Top 10 Play of the Year from Cyclones

Nominee no 1 goes to Dustin Spin Move, if you see the video you will notice the spin allows Dustin to pass 2 defenders in front of him and make easy lay up to the basket. This flashy move was made with good judgement not just flashy but effective also.

Nominee 2, again in the same game it came from Dustin. Hustle play looking for steal that contribute 2 points easily. Not to mention the left handed lay up, as we all know not everybody can do left hand lay up.

When your team struggling to make a points and one of your teammate makes back to back 3 to raise the momentum, yes this is a good feeling and that is the reason why we pick back to back 3 point play from Adeson to be our number 3 nominee. As you can see in the video the crowd cheered out loud when 2nd 3 pointer from Adeson raining smoothly to the basket.

At a glance nominee no 4 may not look so special, but if you look a little bit deeper you will notice that this play consist of four man player to score the basket, now we are talking about team play. After good team play, strong move under the basket that draw the foul, and Jonathan successfully executing the free throw makes this play our nominee at number 4.

Nominee 5, we know that it was Kenny who score the basket but again more like nominee 4 this play also consist of another teamwork to happen, the off-ball movement from Kenny, and no hesitation pass from Jonathan makes this play really look awesome.

This play right here is truly amazing play that conducted by the first year. Ibra understand very well about boxing out, he put himself at the very best spot for the offensive rebound, and after he gets it, quick jumper under the basket. This video right here should be learned by other players on how to make offensive rebound. Good job!

Another youngster make his name at Season 2, Alex, we are amaze on how he can make floater move at the very young age, as you can see the floater looks nice and it was so fun to watch. Hope he master it and become one of his offensive arsenal in the future.

No need to add more comment, just take a look a the video and count your self how many players got passed by Dustin in this play. Amazing!
Yes it is another Big Jonathan with his Under basket play, you can see  how many players try to stop him but with no avail. This video is just one of many samples of how dangerous he is under the basket in season 2.

Nominee 10, Kenny Coast to Coast, when he make the rebound at the defensive end then running fast to other end to create basket, despite being guarded by the opponent’s best player. It was amazing.